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Andre Levy

Andre Levy is a brazilian designer now based in Frankfurt, Germany. Project Tales You Lose is about fusing fantasy pop culture figures with the very real coins used everyday.

The whole purpose of the project? the individual expression of each coin by painting over the faces of the mass produced one.

Stay cool, stay you.


My first Christmas alone

My first Christmas without family. Last year I was in Paris hunting for my future french husband for a personal holiday alone and spent Christmas without family members for the first time in my life. Whilst we don’t celebrate Christmas, it has always been family time to me and the only time of the year […]

Things you learn from traveling solo that no-one tells you.

There are a heap of posts online about the benefits of traveling alone, what you learn when you travel alone and the disadvantages but here are some things that no-one tells you about traveling alone.

1. Going to the bathroom at airports is a pain because there is no-one to mind your luggage.
Some airport cubicles aren’t the most convenient places for sports bags, wheelie bags or big backpacks. The only place for them is on the floor and god-forbid if the floor isn’t exactly clean.

2. You have no-one to make comments to.
Did you see that, how funny was it? What does that even mean? These are cute shoes. That was so gross, are you grossed out too? Unfortunately this is the dialogue you will be having. To yourself.

3. You can’t fall asleep on public transport or airports.
You could but then you’d risk falling into deep sleep with no-one to wake you while you miss the flight, end up in a different country or have things stolen from you.

4. You become very accustomed to the interiors of a restaurant or cafe.
Dining alone is something that you will have to get use to but if you don’t want your head to be stuck into a book or technology, there is little left to entertain yourself with. Luckily for you, most places have interesting fit outs and if all else fails, waiters are pretty funny to watch.

5. You become good at taking selfies.
Sometimes, you just want a snap with something (or want to frame a picture a particular way) and the only way is to take it yourself.

6. In saying that, if you want someone else to take the picture, many people are often happy to help.
No promises on quality though.

7. You can’t check the exchange rates with someone.
Most of the time, I would’ve researched roughly what the exchange rate is so I can compute super long calculations in my head I’m ready to convert and buy if I need to but there have been times when I’ve arrived at an airport for a layover and all of a sudden “What is their currency even called?”

8. There is no-one to help you with luggage on trains.
If you’ve ever been on the train crossing countries or in winter near mountains, you’ll know that luggage space is scarce and snowboards/skis take up a lot of space. With ill placed bags (bottom of a luggage tower) or trapped behind skis and an impending train stop coming up, trying to get your luggage out alone is no easy feat. May the force be with you.

9. There is no-one to tell you immediately whether you’ve got food on your face.
Self explanatory.

10. You become very good at holding in fear (or not holding in fear).
Getting lost, getting lost at night & missing train stops seem to be less painful when you’re with someone.

What other things have you learnt that no-one told you about? I’d love to hear them!


All I Own

All I Own is a project by Sannah Kvist where participants (all born in the 80s) collected all their belongings, created a sculpture and were photographed with it. You can find out more about Sannah and check out more pictures here.

This got me thinking about what my picture would look like- it would be predominately made up of clothes and books. It reminded me of my rampant wardrobe minimising quest I’ve had since the beginning of the year, where I am judging my progress based on how much room there is in there (I’m getting there).

If you got all your belongings and put them together in one picture, what items would you have the most of?


Where do your clothes come from?

In a few days, it will mark the one year anniversary since the collapse of Rana Plaza on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh that killed 1,129 workers and considered to be one of the worst garment factory accidents in history.

When news broke last year, I checked the tag of my t-shirt to see where it was made. Bangladesh. I naturally freaked out. I usually check the tag to see what materials it’s made out of and will invariably see where it’s been made but out of sight and out of mind as I don’t think that extra step of what it might be like for the workers. I was not a regular clothes buyer but I did buy clothes and knew about sweatshops but you don’t get much more information from your clothing company other than where it was made. So all of a sudden, I had all these questions.

How does a factory with THAT many people, not have at the very basic level, a structural building? Is our over consuming “i want what she’s wearing” society fueling this? Why aren’t these big western brands not assuring decent working conditions for those that are making their clothing? Does this not come under corporate social responsibility in a business model? Why should we be paying so much for a piece of clothing where the workers making them make them for so little? Why the disparity and how do we fix it?

I was tweeted this link today by Kirby Bee, which is an interactive video about the Bangladeshi garment industry and what happend the day Rana Plaza collapsed from some of their workers. It’s an interesting video that will hopefully make you think about where the clothes you’re in are made from and will raise some social awareness.

What options do we have to make a difference as consumers and how do we go about it?

April 24th will be Fashion Revolution Day, #insideout on twitter!

I have some answers to my questions and some remain unanswered, but I hope that it’s something that I will continue to investigate and hope to share on this blog in the future.

– S.

Stockholm Metro

Stockholm Metro I had previously written about the metro aka world’s longest art gallery here but here are some more pictures.